Back in 1987, at a farewell dinner, Dr. Lee challenged the healthcare community saying, “ We can’t have great healthcare in the north, unless we bring in the latest technology available.”  He was referring to the need for the first ever CT Scan, for Mills Memorial Hospital. A healthy community requires a high-quality hospital with state-of-the-art equipment.

But did you know that no B.C. hospital is fully government funded?  In most hospitals, funds raised by Foundations like ours, pay for almost half of the cost of new or upgraded equipment. 

Your donations provide what we need to be a healthy and vibrant community!

Your generous donations:

   •     help upgrade equipment,

   •     introduce new technology,

   •     improve patient care,

   •     help eliminate referrals to out of town centres and

   •     attract health care professionals to Mills Memorial Hospital and Terraceview Lodge.

We appreciate any and all donations and can accept a monthly gift from you or a one time, or annual gift. 

By supporting the Dr. REM Lee Hospital Foundation you are helping to improve patient services and comfort at Mills Memorial Hospital and Terraceview Lodge. 

Your donations stay in our community and help us to fund new equipment and enhance current equipment for you and your loved ones, often times eliminating the need for out of town travel.  There are many ways you can contribute to improving our quality of healthcare in Terrace:

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