$188,845 Stealth Station ENT Imaging Navigation System

$22,180 Uretero-Reno Scope
$8,430 Left To Raise

This flexible scope is used for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney and ureteric stones. this scope also assists in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney and bladder cancers. It can rotate 120 degrees allowing for longer laser activation, making treatment of large stones feasible. The chip on the tip technology gives sharp visualization making long procedures up to 20% faster

$5,960 ER/ICU Counter Top Fluid Warmer
$5,360 Left to Raise

Enthermics fluid warmers are pre-programmed to maintain the right temperatures for the right fluids. They safely warm irrigation, injection and contrast fluids to the recommended temperatures to prevent hypothermia during surgery and other procedures.

$11,218 HCI Omni Trainer Terraceview Lodge

The Omni Trainer offers active/passive upper and lower body exercise to keep residents moving. It is portable and can be used with either a standard chair or a wheelchair and adjustable to fit a wide range of users. This trainer will be part of the physiotherapy available for residents at Terraceview Lodge.