Pathology Microscope
$40,000 Goal


A high-quality microscope is an essential tool in the diagnosis of cancers for a pathologist.  Before a treatment plan for any patient can be made with the surgeon and oncologists, a diagnosis of cancer must first be made by a pathologist on a tissue specimen such as a breast needle core biopsy or a colon biopsy.

Two parameters that are especially important in microscopy are magnification and resolution.  The current microscope at Mills Memorial Hospital is over 30 years old. In our world of fast-changing technological improvements, there is so much more a new microscope can do!

With the arrival of a new Pathologist in Terrace, after over 4 years of sending samples out-of-area for examination, Mills Memorial Hospital will now be able to have a quicker turnaround for results of biopsy samples.  This makes the purchase of a high-end Olympus Microscope urgent in order to provide the pathologist with better resolution and magnification of cells.  This equipment also has a camera capability with software that enables photos of cancers to be taken and shared with other pathologists and physicians to provide more timely and accurate diagnoses of biopsy specimens, as well as develop treatment plans to help serve patients better.

Hysteroscope- Women’s Health
$69,000 Goal

$19,500 Left to Raise

The FLUENT FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/ OMNI MYOSURE HYSTEROSCOPE is equipment that provides a minimally invasive procedure that works together to treat and remove uterine masses and fibroids safely with control. The Hysteroscope allows for visualization of uterine masses and assists with treatment.

Bathing Tub
“Community Bathing Program” Terraceview Lodge Day Program
$47,000 Goal

THANK YOU! Complete

The Adult Day program is a Community program focused on assisting the residents of Terrace with social, physical and respite needs.  Clients can take part in the “Community Bathing Program” which supports their health and well-being while still living in their own homes.  

The existing tub is no longer functioning, so the purchase of a new one will bring this continued service to those who do not have the facilities to safely bathe at home.  

Ultrasound with Echo-cardiogram
$211,000 Goal


The Mills Memorial Hospital Diagnostic Imaging department has requested a new Philips Ultrasound with Echo capabilities.  This dual-purpose machine will improve efficiency and support better echo wait times.  This will also be key in further learning of ultrasound students who have trained on similar machines.  

This equipment will give our technologists and radiologists superior quality definition in order to better characterize details such as breast cancers and assessing blood flow, resulting in better imaging and diagnosis.