Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
& Special Care Nursery

There is no other Tier 3 hospital in the Northwest health area, which stretches from Atlin and Dease Lake in the north to south of Kitimat; east to Smithers and Houston and west to Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. We need a higher level of care for our residents of over 75,000 people, including 40,000 in 28 First Nations, across 250,000 square kilometers!

Currently mothers and infants that need emergent care, must experience often stressful and weather-dependent medical evacuation to either Prince George (Tier 4) or Vancouver (Tier 6.)

Having care closer to home means mothers and babies will be surrounded by the people they need and their families less burdened by the financial and emotional costs of travel and long-term stays in unfamiliar settings!

“The emotional and financial costs to people when the hospital can’t keep them in the area is tremendous. Keeping mom’s and newborns closer to home will make a huge difference!” –Dr. Geoff Appleton/ Campaign Co-Chair/ Retired Physician with 42 years in Family Practice

“Infants, newborns are in a tender state. To have them prepped to be put on an airplane to be shipped to Vancouver, when really they should be cuddling with their mom, that’s pretty harsh on a little one! This project is an investment in Northwest BC families, the future of our First Nations communities and our young, up and coming healthcare providers.” –Ron Bartlett/ Chair- Dr. REM Lee Hospital Foundation



$93,510 Variable Angle

Locking Hand System

for OR/Plastic Surgery Completed!

$40,825 CystoNephro Videoscope for OR/Urology


$53,911 Bathing Tub & Lift

for ‘Copper Unit’ (Dementia)

at Terraceview Lodge


$66,174 Giraffe Carestation
Incubator/Warmer for Maternity

The Giraffe Carestation provides a controlled environment that maintains critical oxygen, humidity and phototherapy while still enabling caregivers to perform necessary interventions and observations.